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OBC Judo Team is a Non-Profit Judo Club

All Volunteer/Non-Profit; This Judo Club is a non-profit organization. Everyone involved is a volunteer. No one gets paid to coach Judo or help with Judo.   You must be a member of USA Judo & Texas to coach Judo, practice Judo, or compete in Judo tournaments.

For this Judo Team to survive we have to work together like a family, the students and parents alike. We used to raise money for our "Judo Fund" by operating a concession stand every year at the varsity elementary football games. But, we lost the concession stand to the Y.M.C.A. in 2010.

This "Judo Fund" is used to pay expenses of operating a non-profit Judo Club. For example we spent $12,000 dollars on mats we practice on. They do not come cheap so we need to take very good care of them. When the Judo Team travels to out of town tournaments we have to drive a long way for each tournament, so to make it easier for our students and their parents to travel to the tournaments for competition.

With this being a non-profit organization,  Any donation a student or parent gives above his or her Judo fees is a tax deductible donation. Anyone or any business can make donations to  "Odessa Boys & Girls Club" and Specify it's for "OBC Judo" as a tax deductible donation.