Odessa Boys & Girls Club
Judo Team


Odessa Boys & Girls Club Judo Team

The Oldest Martial Arts Club in Odessa

EST: 1964


Ages 6 and up

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Judo training creates a sense of confidence that will stay with you for a lifetime. You will have the confidence & courage to face future obstacles and hardships knowing you will overcome them.


Judo training will empower you to protect yourself and your family. Don't allow yourself to be a victim when you can become victorious. 


You will learn to Focus your attention as you begin to master each new Judo technique and the importance of Perseverance, Self-Control which will help you succeed in school or the workplace.


This Judo Club is in its 60th year and many of the past and present judokas & Instructors have had close family like friendships that last decades. You will discover that the boys & girls, men & women you train and compete with are not your enemy on or off the mat. Each of us makes each of us better.

Test your Judo skills with Competition Judo

Competition has been proven to encourage & motivate you to train harder as well as try harder to improve your skills and speed. In competition you will learn the importance of sportsmanship & ethics. You will strengthen your Self-Control as you perform & compete under sometimes stressful situations during competition.

You will have opportunities to travel and compete in local, State, Regional and National tournaments.

Competition is not required. Promotions will be based on effort, knowledge and proficiency in technical skills.


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