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  Judo Lessons  

As founder of OBC Judo and Chief Instructor, Sensei  Dale Lehman continues to teach Judo as Dr. Jigoro Kano intended. Professor Kano eliminated many of the deadly kicks, slashes and locks so that Judo could be practiced safely. In contrast to Jujitsu, Kodokan Judo entails good physical and moral training in addition to the techniques of offense and defense. Ethics and good sportsmanship is also stressed.

The word "Judo" literally means "gentle way". In essence, a man may overcome an opponent by yielding some ground and then utilizing some of the opponent's strength of momentum. Today, Kodokan Judo is practiced all over the world. Judo has flourished particularly in such countries as France, Belgium, U.S.A., United Kingdom, Germany and Italy.  Kodokan Judo has been in existence for over 120 years and has become increasingly popular.

Since OBC Judo Team practices year around, new students are welcome to begin Judo lessons during any time of the year. A new student, young or old needs to keep in mind that Judo by it's nature is a very physically challenging  contact sport.

Today  OBC Judo Inc. has students from age 6 on up.  To be a member of the OBC Judo Team you must  be a member of the Boy's & Girl's Clubs of Odessa, and USA Judo.  

You Must be a Member of the Odessa Boy's & Girl's Club $10.00

Judo Lessons FREE
USA Judo Membership (1st Year) $35.00 per year
Basic Single Weave Student Judo Uniform $50.00
Total cost for first year of Judo Lessons $85.00